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Ferne Cotton publishes new self-help book

a copy of little things next to the sentence reading discover the little things that can help relieve life's big stresses

Bestselling author and much-loved podcaster and broadcaster, Fearne Cotton, shows how small changes and everyday habits can help unwind modern-day stress. 

Delivered in the same accessible, gifting workbook style as HAPPY, QUIET and CALM, Little Things will appeal to those who adore Fearne for her down-to-earth mental health advice and relatable voice.

In a press release Cotton said: “How to make small changes to feel better, even when under stress. Stress is a normal part of life, but it can be overwhelming. 

The habits, tools and advice in these pages will help you cope better, understand your own worries, and learn how to pause and respond rather than react when life feels too much.

This is the advice I've received - the lessons I've learned in my own ups and downs, the expert conversations from my Happy Place podcast, the therapies

I've tried and the habits I've created - to keep working towards good days. By focusing on the little things, practising self-awareness, and getting creative with the exercises and simple ideas, daily tricks and practical tools in this book, you can find balance in our hectic world and unlock daily happiness.”

Fearne Cotton is a mental health advocate, bestselling author, long-standing

broadcaster and creator of Happy Place.

Born out of sharing her own experiences with happiness, Fearne Cotton has been building her Happy Place community since 2017, including an award-winning podcast, annual Happy Place Festival and her imprint Happy Place Books.

Fearne's previous book, Bigger Than Us, was an instant Sunday Times bestseller and is available in 12 languages worldwide.

[ Little Things by Ferne Cotton is out now, published by Penguin Random House, priced £16.99 ]

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