Dr Alex George publishes new wellbeing book

cover of live well every day
cover of live well every day

Dr Alex George has published an inspiring new book to help people look after their wellbeing and mental health.

“My intention with this book is to put you back in the driving seat of your own health and wellbeing, and to show you how to take control and make incremental changes to your life that will last. Live Well Every Day is divided into seven chapters, named after what I believe are the fundamental areas of health. Not only are these pretty vital if we want to function at our best, they’re also areas in which we can make changes and that’s key. You can choose to have a positive effect on your health and happiness. I will talk to you about protecting your mental health, the power of good nutrition, the best sleep and relaxation techniques, and how important fitness is to both your physical and mental wellbeing. And I’ll look at how having a purpose in life and a passion for living underpin everything.” - Dr Alex George

Dr Alex George is on a mission to empower us to make our own health choices, take positive control and feel equipped and inspired to make those small changes today that energise and future-proof for life. In Live Well Every Day: Your plan for a happy body and mind, he shares tips, facts and inspiration on how to swap unhealthy habits for healthier ones.

What you do consistently has a direct impact on your day-to-day health, your immune system, your mental health, your metabolism, your bone density, your heart health, your blood pressure, your energy levels and how you fight disease generally. Your lifestyle is often your body’s biggest support system and the more robust you can make that, the more you can rely on it to get you through. In Live Well Every Day, Dr Alex George includes chapters on:








Live Well Every Day addresses the very modern health challenges of today’s world - anxiety, social pressure and mental health, immune system health, how to be fit, flexible and eat well in a sedentary world, sexual health, gut health and more.

“I hope this book will give you a personalized tool kit for a better you. Once you start to make changes, you won’t look back, I promise.” – Dr Alex George


Dr Alex George is an A&E & TV doctor. He has been working in A&E as an emergency doctor throughout COVID-19 and has become a well-known and respected figure amongst healthcare professionals in the UK, bringing the nation accessible and reassuring advice directly from the frontline.

Alex is on a mission to make mental health education compulsory in schools, and has become prolific throughout the UK in his campaigning with charities such as YoungMinds, Anna Freud Centre & Mind, with a goal to ensure mental health sits alongside the likes of Maths and English on the curriculum. Alex has now been appointed by the Prime Minsiter as Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the government.

Alex is a resident presenter on ITV’s Lorraine, has presented for Watchdog and also appeared on Celebrity Masterchef. Alex has 1.9M followers on Instagram alone, a hugely successful podcast, The Waiting Room, and a rapidly growing audience on YouTube & TikTok. He is also a fully qualified Level 3 PT. Across his platforms, Alex has become a leading voice in mental and sexual health, and uses his platform to make health and medicine more accessible to millennials and beyond.

Find out more about Dr Alex on Instagram @dralexgeorge, Twitter @dralexgeorge, TikTok @dralexgeorge, and on YouTube: Dr Alex George.

Live Well Every Day is on sale now priced £18.99 in paperback. Also available in Ebook & Audiobook.

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