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International NGO, Generation Vegan, has produced a brand-new recipe e-booklet to support people who would like to eat plant-based, but may experience unique barriers and complications. This beautifully designed booklet is free of charge and contains:

  • 5 no-cook recipes, including 5-Minute Noodles and Pretty Berry Parfait
  • 5 no-chop recipes, including Creamy Spinach Pasta and Apple Pancake
  • 5 microwave-only recipes, including Stuffed Bell Peppers and Lemon Cake in a Cup
  • 5 blender-only recipes, including Chilled Creamy Tomato Soup and Banana Ice Cream

Alongside it, the NGO has featured a brand-new guest blog by disabled vegan Jade Elliott, who shares her advice for anyone wishing to become vegan or move more towards a plant-based diet and lifestyle. In her Disabled Guide to Veganism Jade shares some practical tips for those who are interested in learning more, including taking it slowly, listening to your doctor, and not listening to any negativity. 

Says Kate Fowler, Director of Communications at Generation Vegan: “For too long, the international vegan movement has overlooked the experiences of people living with disabilities. At Generation Vegan, we recognise that, while a plant-based diet has profound benefits for the planet, animals, and public health, each of us has different paths to take towards it. We know that, for some people, access is an issue, and that there may be physical challenges associated with meal prep and the consumption of certain foods. And for many people, just the thought of changing what we eat can feel overwhelming. We understand that and aim to offer support and guidance wherever we can.”

One way to try eating more plant-based foods is with the guidance of Generation Vegan’s 7-Day Vegan Challenges. Participants can sign up for free and choose the subject that motivates them most: Vegan for Humanity, for Animals, for the Planet, or for Health. Daily emails with information, tips, advice, and support are then delivered for one week. These are available in multiple languages and are specific to residents of multiple countries. 

Generation Vegan has already donated one million plant-based meals to people impacted by the pandemic in 24 countries. It also produces inspirational, motivational, and practical content, including films, recipes, and blogs for a range of audiences. Recent guest blogs have included: A Call to Queer Compassion by vegan drag queen, Paul Burgess; Creating an Inclusive Movement for Fat Vegans by fact acceptance activist Chelsea Lincoln; and Our Oppression is Interconnected by social justice advocate Christopher “Soul” Eubanks. Two of the most popular recent films are interviews with 70-year old Chef Babette on Eating Vegan at Any Age and Generation Vegan’s CEO Naomi Hallum on Raising Vegan Children.

The Accessible Plant-Based Recipe Booklet can be downloaded free by clicking here.

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