Disabled Refugee writes about her experiences

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Nujeen Mustafa has cerebral palsy. This did not stop her travelling, with her sister, 3500 miles from Syria to Germany in a wheelchair. Denied access to an education in Syria because of her disability, she educated herself through the television – to speak English; to learn history, drama, science; to dream of meeting the Queen and becoming an astronaut. Escaping her war-torn country, this then sixteen-year-old suffered the hardships and dangers of the migrant route to reach safety in Europe where she hopes for a better future.

A strong, extraordinary voice, Nujeen tells the story of what it’s really like to be a refugee, to have grown up through war and left a beloved homeland to become dependent on others. It tells how the Syrian war has destroyed a proud nation and torn families apart in the face of international indifference by leaders scarred by previous interventions, and the incredible bravery of a person determined to keep smiling.

Nujeen, co-written by prize-winning correspondent Christina Lamb, bestselling co-author of I Am Malala, gives voice to the refugee crisis and helps us to understand that the world needs to change. Like Malala Yousafszai, Nujeen has been forced to flee her native country and had her right to an education compromised. With rights sold in ten countries this is the story of our times told through one remarkable girl.

Nujeen is published by William Collins. Priced £16,99 - Hardback, eBook £13.99