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David Baddiel questions if there is a God

a small pile of three copies of the god desire

Comedian and best selling author David Baddiel has published his next book which addresses the question if there is a God.

Baddiel would love there to be a God. He has spent a lot of time fantasising about  how much better life would be if there actually was such a thing as a Superhero Dad who chased off Death. 

Unfortunately for him, there isn’t. Or at least, that is Baddiel’s view in this  book, which argues that it is indeed the very intensity of his, and everyone else’s, desire for God to exist that proves 

His non-existence. Anything so deeply wished-for we will,  considers Baddiel, make real. The admission of his own divine yearnings makes for a book  that is more vulnerable – and more understanding of the value and power of religion – than most atheist polemics.

A philosophical essay that utilises Baddiel’s trademarks of comedy, storytelling and personal asides, The God Desire offers a highly readable new perspective  on the most ancient of debates. 

[ The God Desire is available now published by HarperCollins priced £9.99 ]

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