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Crown and Scalpel - a gripping fantasy novel featuring blind protagonist

Caroline J. L. Thomason and a copy of her book Crown and Scalpel

Crown and Scalpel by C. J. L. Thomason is a tale of a blind doctor who uses echolocation to see – with elements of romance, bereavement, and a dark family history of betrayal.

Using the rebounding echoes from these clicks is how Ambarenyll sees his world ever since he became blind in a Darmé rebel attack. 

Thirteen years have passed, and he feels comfortable enough to pick up his stethoscope and practise medicine once more. 

But the fragile relation between the Mané and Darmé factions in Landaïla is threatened with a new series of rebel attacks, and the doctor winds up in the middle of the conflict when he has to treat Princess Jade, heir of the Mané King. 

He is confronted with the past he long buried. Matters become more complicated as the attraction between Ambarenyll and Jade grows. Little do they know that a dark family secret is the very foundation for the ongoing conflict and could plummet everything into even deeper chaos.

About the author

Caroline J. L. Thomason was born in the German-speaking region of Belgium to two Flemish parents. She speaks four languages and holds a PhD in Engineering Technology. Caroline lost her mother in a car accident when she was  only 12 years old. She turned to writing as it helped her convey her feelings. Crown and Scalpel is her debut novel for which she found inspiration in Daniel Kish and the World Access for the Blind. Caroline now lives in the East of Flanders. She also has two corgis, Ginny and Lenny, as well as two Shetland ponies, Harold and JJ.

[ Crown and Scalpel by C. J. L. Thomason is on sale in booksellers and via the Palavro website RRP £9.99. ]

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