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Cooking on a Budget

Suzanne Mulholland and a copy of her book cooking on a budget

The batch is back! Bestselling author Suzanne Mulholland AKA The Batch Lady brings us a brand-new cookbook and this time she is going BIG on saving us some of our hard-earned money. 

Suzanne’s recipes have always been designed with economy in mind, so they should never break the bank but, in this book, she’s tightened up those costs further, giving us even more bang for our buck!

The magic of batch cooking isn’t, as many might think, just about cooking things in bulk. The magic is in being organised. No more panic buying on the way home, filling up your trolley with impulse buys or wasting food that doesn’t get eaten – Cooking on a Budget will help us to plan ahead to save time and money.

With food prices on the rise, more and more of us are finding that groceries are one of our biggest monthly spends, so why don’t we treat them the same as other major purchases? Reduce your monthly food and energy bills by planning what to buy, when to cook and what to freeze.

With a little planning and a dose of batching magic, you’ll be amazed at how you can hack away at those mammoth monthly bills and save yourself time in the process.

So, whether you’re a part of a huge family, a new parent, a student or living alone, let this book help take the stress out of the weekly shop and help you to get tasty meals on the table that everyone will love, whilst saving you some much-needed pennies in the process.

Batch cooking will allow you to cook when you want to, not when you have to.


Get organised, plan ahead and watch your weekly shop go further, as The Batch Lady shows you how to create fresh and satisfying meals without breaking the bank.


100 delicious, simple recipes that will feed the whole family and fill your freezer. Save time and money with The Batch Lady’s easy-to-follow, energy-efficient batch-cooking recipe combinations, for maximum flavour and minimal waste.


With a little planning and batching magic, learn to hack your monthly bills and save your hard-earned money. Take the hassle, and the waste out of the weekly shop, and eat well, all week.

Suzanne’s signature easy-to-follow combinations will enable you to create delicious breakfasts, quick lunches, and weeknight meals simultaneously. 

Try her Low-Cost Lentil Soup for a hearty lunch option or the Mexican Pasta Bake for the whole family to enjoy. Keep warm this winter with her delicious Mushroom Chilli – perfect for a cold January evening – and save on expensive takeaways by ‘fakeawaying’ with homemade chip shop Fish and Chips. 

And back on the menu, is Suzanne’s much requested ‘10 Meals in 1 Hour’ crowd-pleasing dishes, incorporating recipes in the book of one food item, into dedicated batches to eat now and store in the freezer too.

Suzanne's brilliant recipe combinations and time-saving tips will transform family kitchens and buy back extra hours in the week for everyone.

Suzanne Mulholland is the author of The Batch Lady series of books. 

She is an expert in how to reclaim time and headspace by getting organised in the kitchen and beyond, through her batching method. 

Suzanne shares her organisational secrets, time hacks and recipes with her committed social media following of over 400k. 

Suzanne has shared her practical methods across numerous newspaper and magazine

publications including The Times, The Sun, Hello! and You, The Mail on Sunday. She lives in the Scottish Borders.

[ Cooking on a Budget is out now, published by Harper Collins, in Hardback [£22], eBook and Audio. ]

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