The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese

If we told you there was a program on television tonight focusing on someone from Devon who woke up one morning to find out they had turned Chinese you’d probably think it was the plot for a far-fetched drama hidden away on a lesser-known cable TV station.


Football, Madness & Me

It’s a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, it brings people together and for some Sport can be a lifeline, especially for those involved in the PMA Sports Academy.


Benefits Britain 1949

Ever since the government announced their plans to reform the disability living allowance we have followed numerous stories concentrating on those who will be affected and the unsettling future those with disabilities now face.


Alex Brooker: My Perfect Body

Fans of The Last Leg will be thrilled to hear they have a double-helping of the show’s co-presenter Alex Brooker when the comedy series returns to our screens tomorrow (31 July) evening. 


Extreme OCD Camp

In tonight’s (30 July) BBC3 documentary we follow a group of young adults embarking on a camping trip with a twist. All the youngsters cope with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition many people find difficult to understand and therefore those with the illness can feel isolated and afraid to share their disability with others.


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