Weather forecaster pulled over by guide dog

Carol Kirkwood lying on the ground
Carol Kirkwood lying on the ground Image credit:

BBC Breakfast weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood was left embarrassed yesterday morning, September 20, when she was pulled over by her guide dog Flash live on air.

When the accident happened during the outside broadcast from Chelsea Flower Show Dan Walker back in the studio commented:  “We’ve got a Kirkwood down!” before asking for “Someone save Carol!” 

Luckily both presenters – and probably thousands of viewers – saw the funny side.

Walker asked “Are you alright Carol?” but there was no answer. “I think she’s lost her earpiece,” said co-presenter Sally Nugent.

Despite the mishap Kirkwood managed to stay calm and continue having a conversation with her fellow presenters.

Kirkwood added: “Yes, yes, she’s a very strong girl is Flash. She’s run back to her trainer, Mel, who is on the other side of the camera.”

Before the incident Carol introduced Flash to the viewers saying:  ‘Now, she’s a friend of the programme. She was actually on the programme on the 28th April with her trainer, Mel, and she took a little bit of a nibble out of Mel’s hand when she was only 18 weeks old.

‘She’s grown a bit since then and she’s very well behaved I must say as well, and just gorgeous.’

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