TV anthology highlights mental health issues

Aimee Lou Wood in on the edge
Aimee Lou Wood in on the edge Image credit:

Channel 4’s anthology series On the Edge returns this week highlighting how mental health can impact families in three standalone dramas.

In Mincemeat, the first film airing this Sunday November 7, Aimee Lou Wood (pictured above) plays a young woman called Jane who is try to deal with her overpowering mum Carol (Rosie Cavaliero).

Trouble starts brewing when Jane falls for Nish (Nikhil Parmar) who her mother disapproves of.

In an interview with Wood said: “I think it’s just a really important story and I think that it’s important to be reminded in the kind of echo chamber that I’m in that people actually have those views still, that people actually still need to be challenged and systems need to be dismantled that are literally poison.”

Another episode in the series, Superdad, sees Scottish actor Martin McCann playing Keon, a father who escapes from a psychiatric unit so he can take his son Wesley on a road trip.

McCann told Belfast Telegraph: “The best thing about story-telling is that you get to look under the bonnet of what's really happening in society and to shed light on something as important as mental health.

“In Superdad, the character I play is clearly going through an episode. He’s had to be sectioned so it is quite extreme.

“We can see from the beginning that he’s maybe a bit overly excited; that something isn’t quite authentic or ringing true and then the lid lifts and things start to overflow.”

Though the actor admitted he had a few concerns stepping into the role at first, especially as the subject was portraying the impact of mental health.

“I was a bit worried about playing him too large, so I did some homework on someone going through an episode like that,” he said.

“I didn’t know much about bipolar and had no idea how it affects relationships and social circles or how people behave going through an episode.

“I went onto YouTube but I didn’t get too in depth. I wanted to find the right balance of what it’s like to be clearly in the middle of an episode but not to come across as overacting.

“As an actor, I found it a very important story to tell.”

The short series will also see the horror story Cradled which features Ellora Torchia playing Maia, a mother who lives the perfect life until her baby starts to talk which sees her world mentally fall apart.

On The Edge starts on Channel 4, Sunday November 7 at 10pm and available afterwards on All 4.