TOWIE star goes public with Alopecia

the image ricky rament posted on instagram
the image ricky rament posted on instagram Image credit:

Reality TV star Ricky Rayment has shared his experience living with hair-loss condition alopecia on social media.

The Only Way is Essex star posted an image on Instagram showing bald patches on his beard caused by the ailment.

He went on to admit his condition has made him self-conscious, but now he is ready to ‘embrace’ it.

Under the picture he uploaded Rayment wrote: "Embracing my alopecia! I normally always have a beard to try and hide it but I thought fuck it, who cares!!

"I know it's only a few patches and people suffer a lot worse than me but it is something that I'm very self conscious about.

"So I thought I'd do a post about it so that maybe it would help other sufferers embrace it and say the same as me: F U Alopecia!!

"Who cares, we living babyyyy! let's get it champs, the show goes on."

Filming of the next series of The Only Way is Essex has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.