Suranne Jones' mental health struggle

 Suranne Jones
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Actress Suranne Jones has spoken about the struggles she faced after losing her father in lockdown who passed away from Covid-19 in January 2021.

The 43-year-old told listeners of Gaby Roslin’s podcast earlier this week she was finding it difficult to adapt back into ‘normal life’.

Jones said:  'I suffer with anxiety anyway. I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. When you are on set... and this still applies, the restrictions are really in place. 

'Even when people were coming out of the restrictions. I was still in this bubble where everyone was still wearing masks and we were being very cautious.

‘People were giving each other space. We were in a strict Covid testing regime. A few weeks ago I finished filming Gentleman Jack. It made me anxious to see everyone wondering around without masks on. I didn’t know how to fit in.'  

She went on to admit she was finding it tough to return to a daily lifestyle after the death of her dad.

'It is quite scary. All my jobs got concertinaed. Because of Covid. And my dad passing... I was away a lot,’ Suranne explained.

'Even coming back and taking my son to school, or driving my car or getting everyone ready to get out the house..those kind of things made me really anxious because I was suddenly back in the real world.

'This job is wonderful and I am very privileged to do it but you are very absent from your life when you take on big roles like I do.'  

Suranne went public about her dad Chris’ death four months after he passed in May by posting a heart-warming picture of them together on a beach [pictured below] with the caption: ‘My father sadly passed away this January after fighting Covid. We are still coming to terms with it'.

Suranne Jones and her father Chris on the beach

She added: 'Happy birthday mum. Forever on a beach in Cornwall with dad. 

'Mum passed away 4 and a half years ago and my father sadly passed away this January after fighting Covid and the affect it had on his body [sic].

'We are still coming to terms with it all but I know they are together and today I want to celebrate them both.

'My thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones. Today and always.' 

Jones lost her mum Jenny in 2016 after she passed away from vascular dementia.

The actress has also shared her views on reality stars who appear on ITV2’s Love Island saying more needs to be done to ensure their wellbeing does not spiral out of control.

She said: 'Most people now would say a great diet and exercise is important. I think looking after people’s mind. We are getting there but it is the nod to it like here’s a number to ring. 

'That’s not enough we really have to look after these people. These young people going on love island It is a great opportunity for them. As long as you are supported it can’t be.. this fast tv and then people are forgotten about. 

'It is not fair and it is not right. And it is not healthy.'

Suranne is now taking medication and practising coping mechanisms to help her stay in a positive mind frame.

'I put on a 10 min meditation. It will have positive affirmations. It really helps those 10 minutes are just mine,’ she explained.

'Maybe I do a little stretch. I do a gratitude journal. Three lines in the morning and at night. I’ve had a lot of darker times in my life and I have my old journals from those times before I saw doctors and realised I needed a little bit of help.' 

The pills and exercises have also helped her come to terms with the death of her parents.

'We are coming up to the anniversary of my dad’s death, and my mums actually. They both died around Christmas time It isn’t easy, but it does help to be grateful for what you have. If you start there there harder things are slightly easier to deal with.'

Suranne Jones lives in the London district of Muswell Hill with her husband, freelance scriptwriter and former magazine editor Laurence Akers.