Subtitles are popular with young adults

squid game with subtitles
squid game with subtitles Image credit:

A new study has shown it is not just people with hearing loss which rely on subtitles to watch their favourite TV shows.

According to a survey conducted by Stagetext 80 per cent of young people aged between 18 and 24 prefer to switch the captions on some of the time whilst viewing television programmes on all devices.

It is a surprising number when you discover just 23 per cent of people aged 56-75 opt for subtitles despite them falling into the age range where hearing loss is more common.

Stagetext’s chief executive Melanie Sharpe told BBC News: “I think there’s far more acceptance of subtitles by young people because it’s the norm, whereas with an older age group, it isn’t necessarily the norm.”

Sharpe believes older people see subtitles being needed when viewers are expected to give an “extra concentration level” when watching content in a foreign-language, while young people “can take in far more information quickly because they’re used to it”.

The popularity of TV shows such as Squid Game and social media videos which can’t be easily heard in certain environments is thought to be another reason why young people are more open to the idea of using subtitles.

The idea of using subtitles in film was transferred to the television for Arthur Robinson's film 'Der Student von Prag' which was broadcast by the BBC in 1938.