Harbour opens up on mental health

david harbour
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Actor David Harbour has spoken candidly about his mental health struggles which he believes are related to times he was living in poverty.

 The 47-year-old Stranger Things and Black Widow star was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 26 ‘after an episode that landed me in an institution’.

 Harbour told The Big Issue: ‘I have definitely been in and out of the system. And there were times in my life where very easily I could have ended up on the streets, but I luckily had a family who could.

‘There is a mental illness component that requires medication, but there also is a very social component to mental illness. It’s not like a broken leg. 

He added: ‘What defines crazy is social inappropriateness. But it’s very socially inappropriate, in a sense, to not have enough money to live on.’

The actor has previously spoken openly about his alcohol addiction and suicidal thoughts.

He went on to say his wellbeing started to improve once he realised there was money in the bank so he could afford essential items.

"I hit the age of 35 and in my mind, I'd been fairly successful," Harbour shared. "I could pay the rent on an apartment, have food on the table and I was very happy about that."

Part one of Stranger Things season 4 is streaming now on Netflix, part two premieres on July 1.