Selma Blair has successful treatment for MS

selma blair
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Selma Blair has said going through a hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) to treat her multiple sclerosis has given her a new leash of life.

The actress was diagnosed with MS in 2018, within twelve months the condition deteriorated to an extent where she was no longer able to walk and talk.

Undergoing the two-month medical procedure came with risks, but fortunately the treatment, which involved an aggressive course of chemotherapy, was successful.

In a new documentary ‘Introducing Selma Blair’ she said: "It was a really hard time in my life. People don't say how excruciating, emotionally, it can be to kind of prove you're not well. But I want to tell the truth about MS. It is important to me that people see what living with a chronic illness is like."

Selma’s MS is now in remission, but she realises there is no cure for the condition.

Blair, 49, said: "The severe fatigue is still such a gargantuan boulder in my way.

"I'm working on it. Little by little, I can do all these things. I mean, I can't say I could go running, but I can jog down to the mailbox if I were to practice a few times."

Adapting to a disabled lifestyle has been challenging, but the actress has found support through other people living with a disability.

She "I have a circle of people in my life who use wheelchairs who have disabilities that I've looked to for a lot of my grounding, for my own confidence of getting into this space. They're the light bearers to me, the people in the disabled communities that are really trying to live their best lives and try and implement more change.

“I'm trying to develop a love story with life right now. Things are coming along for sure. I really do feel like a new person."

For support and advice on multiple sclerosis visit the MS Society website.