Rylan's mental health “crisis”

Rylan Clark
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Rylan Clark has spoken about a mental health “crisis” which forced him to cancel his BBC Radio 2 show over the past two Saturdays.

The TV presenter has gone through a tough time since breaking up from his husband Dan Neal in June 2021.

Speaking on his podcast, Ry-Union, this week Rylan told listeners: “I’ve never in my life thought that I would go through a crisis like that.

"But I did, ultimately, and it literally hit me round the face like a baseball bat, because I always thought I was too strong for it.

"Like, I’m never going to let anything like that happen to me, but then it does and it’s really, really hard to deal with.”

In January the 33-year-old told The Observer:  'It's really strange talking about this, because I've not even spoken about it to my friends. I just never thought I could get that ill.

'I went down to just over 9st and I'm 6ft 4in. It got bad. Like, very bad. And I didn't think it would get better. I needed help.'

He admitted he ‘did not know himself at certain points' and was 'having thoughts and doing things that made him fucked up'. 

During a separate interview with The Sun Neal said:  'I got ill and I lost weight, I went down to under ten stone — and I’m six feet four inches, so that’s not good. The honest truth is that it’s been shit.’

On Friday Clark was rushed to hospital with a mystery illness, he updated his fans on Tuesday via Instagram telling them he hopes to be back to work “soon”.

Rylan Clark took a four-month break from TV and radio work after breaking up from Dan Neal.