Ruby Wax campaigns to stamp out F word

Ruby Wax
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Comedian and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax is trying to stamp out a four letter word for this year’s Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day.

Want a clue what the offensive word is?

Well, we say it on average 28 times a week and it starts with an F.

Yes, that’s correct – Ruby is on a mission to stop us saying ‘fine’ as a mundane response when somebody asks us how we are.

Research shows three in four Brits have a habit saying we are ‘fine’ when they are struggling with their mental health.

The comedian is teaming up with Walkers crisps to encourage people to express our true emotions and stop holding our feelings in.

“As a subject very close to my heart, I’m hoping that through this campaign and banning what is, in my opinion, the most offensive ‘F***’ word out there, we can open up the conversation surrounding mental wellbeing,” Wax said.

Most of us are cautious telling others things are not ok in fear of being perceived as a “mood killer”, even though more than half of us said we would prefer an honest answer when asking how somebody was.

“When you’re with your friends and family and you know someone’s got something cooking in their mind, it’s a great chance to try and help them open up,” she says. “You can do it with a sense of humour, too – I always start with something like, ‘What’s the weather condition like in your mind?’” Wax told Stylist.

“Also, if you tell people how you’re really feeling, they’ll open up to you – but you actually have to look them in the eyes and show them you care about what they have to say.”

Walkers are supporting the campaign and has pledged £2 million for Comic Relief by the end of 2022 for wellbeing programmes, which is more than ‘fine’ by us.

Red Nose Day is on BBC One tonight, Friday March 18, from 7pm and available afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.