Rosie Jones receives abusive message on Instagram

Rosie Jones with a fake baby bump
Rosie Jones with a fake baby bump Image credit:

Rosie Jones has revealed she was targeted by trolls after she posted an image of herself appearing pregnant when she appeared in an episode of BBC’s Casualty in November.

The comedian, who has cerebral palsy, uploaded the photo on Instagram of the fake baby bump with the caption: "Thank you so much for all the lovely messages about my appearance on Casualty last night."

She received a flood of replies congratulating her on the part in the popular drama, but there was a particular message which verbally attacked the comic.

It read: "Oh god that baby is going to come out retarded just like it's mom good lord who would screw you."

Rosie, 31, grabbed a screenshot of the offensive reply and shared it with her followers on Twitter and Instagram with the message: "Just received this Insta comment. Although messages like this are an unfortunately [sic.] regular occurrence for me, I still don’t understand how people are so full of hate they think it’s ok to write this kind of abhorrent abuse.

"Stop ableist abuse. Stop hate online. Stop all of this."

On a more positive note people took to social media to support Rosie and expressed their disgust in the abusive message.

One person wrote: "I've seen so much stuff like this lately it's awful. Just know you've helped me more than I could possibly ever tell you & it's clear from the comments under this tweet so many people are supporting you."

Another said: "So terribly sorry you are subjected to such abuse dear Rosie. We love you. Carry on doing your fabulous work. You are wonderful xx"

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