Prince Harry discusses mental health

Prince harry and oprah winfrey  in front of a virtual audience
Prince harry and oprah winfrey in front of a virtual audience Image credit:

Prince Harry has said there can be an ‘element of shame’ when families discuss mental health issues.

The Duke of Sussex was in conversation with actress Glenn Close for the recent episode of his new show on Apple TV, The Me You Can’t See.

Close told Harry her sister contemplated suicide, but she was unware at the time because the family tried to cover up the mental illness.

Harry replied: ‘There’s an element of shame that we feel because we’re like: “How could we have not have seen it? How could we not know? How did you not feel comfortable enough to share that with me?”‘

Close went on to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected her wellbeing. She said: It has directly affected my mental health. It helped that I had a dog.

‘I think – and I was thinking about this today – we have gone through an amazing, unprecedented time now. For me, I think it’s as big a shift in the world as 9/11 was.

‘We now are in a transforming world. It will take us a while to be able to articulate to ourselves what the result of that has been on us as individuals.’

The episode, which is co-hosted by Oprah Winfrey, also includes an interview with Robin William’s son Zak.

Williams took his own life in 2014 which led to global grieving among his fans.

Zak said: ‘From my end it was really hard to separate initially the process of privately grieving versus sharing the grieving with the general public.

‘I really didn’t get a chance to really focus on the private grieving process until a year and a half after my dad passed away.’

Harry told Zak he could relate to the emotional trauma after losing his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, in a fatal road accident in 1997.

‘I think we have a lot of shared experience when you talk about that … when you see so many people around the world grieving for someone, they feel as though they knew them better than you did in a weird way because you’re unable to grieve yourself,’ said Harry.

‘It’s like … how are you grieving more for someone who was my parent and I’m unable to grieve myself?’

Lady Gaga also took part in the show discussing the mental health issues she suffered after being raped when she was a teenager.

The Me You Can’t See is available to watch on Apple TV+