Price tells ITV This Morning Harvey is still being trolled

Katie Price on this morning via video link
Katie Price on this morning via video link Image credit:

Katie Price has said her disabled son Harvey has been the target of more online trolling.

The TV presenter and former glamour model appeared on ITV’s This Morning today, Tuesday February 23, where she put her case forward for social media users to provide ID to reveal their real identities.

Price, 42, spoke about the hurtful posts directed towards Britain’s Got Talent runner-up group Sing Along With Us performer Christian Kilduff who has vision loss and cerebral palsy after the act appeared on the popular TV show last year.

She told Christian’s family: 'I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this, everything you're saying I'm just agreeing with you… this is why I'm doing Harvey's law.

'I'm doing a new campaign this week, it has to stop, I want to ask these people why you want to sit there, what goes through their heads, these videos and comments what are they getting out of it.

'Any act online, you should have ID so you can get tracked because at the moment they can close it down and start another account and start again.

'If you call them out I think it just encourages them, I've got it worse by doing that, as soon as it goes in place, they could get a fine or a prison sentence, I think if they have something like then then it will get better. But also the people who retweet it, I don't know what they get out of it.'

During her interview with hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby Katie gave an update on the law she is trying to pass through court to tackle online trolls.

She said: 'Obviously Covid has got in the way, but we are that close.

'I agree with Phillip there needs to be something in place, a register, online trolling there is so much of it, there needs to be something where they're on a register.'

A spokesperson for Price told MailOnline: 'Harveys Law will be passed and these trolls will be dealt with accordingly as seen fit by the courts.

'Katie has been fighting tirelessly for Harvey’s law to be past - This clip posted on Twitter now with the Met Police only supports her case and will see Harvey's bill passed, Katie hopes by the end of the year of not early 2021.

'Katie is calling out the social media giants to join her in her fight to banish trolls for good.'

Katie’s 18-year-old son Harvey, who has ADHD, vision loss, autism and Prader-Willi syndrome has recently been moved into a residential home.

Last month Sussex Police arrested a man who mocked Harvey by posting a video on social media.