Never Seen A Doctor

Katie Piper
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That lump on the right breast? The burning sensation in your stomach? That embarrassing problem ‘down below’? They will all go away in time…Won’t they?

Hundreds, if not thousands of us tend to avoid to go seeing a GP when we have something wrong with us although as a new Channel 4 mini-series shows, bypassing a doctor’s surgery could be a serious, foolish mistake.

Over the next three weeks Katie Piper introduces us to a group of people who have ‘never seen a doctor’ – which just so happens to be the title of the show.

Tonight we get our teeth into the reason why Janice and Greg from Leicestershire never booked an appointment about their dental issues, the insides of their mouths are so rotten they can now only eat soft foods.

Joanne is trying to cope with psoriasis but her condition is keeping her locked inside her four walls – would a trip to the quack help build her confidence?

In a future episode Piper chats to a runner who ran away from his varicose veins problem, a Welshman who finds out there is surgery on offer which could help erase the birthmark on his face and a lady who is paralysed on one side of her face.

Never Seen A Doctor is on Channel 4, Wednesdays at 10pm.