Pawnbroker surprises Mum with disabled son

Fran Sawyer holding  Patek Philippe watch
Fran Sawyer holding Patek Philippe watch Image credit:

Viewers of ITV’s Million Pound Pawn were left moved hearing the heart-warming story of a mother selling her personal possessions so she could look after her disabled son.

Fran Sawyer lived with a businessman in a 3 acre home with 17 horses and chauffeurs, but her world of luxury was turned upside down when the couple divorced and she was left with a child requiring around the clock care.

Her son weighed just 3lbs at birth, but there was a 6lbs tumour on his back, doctors feared he would die before his eighth birthday.

But the boy proved the medics wrong, however despite living into his teenage years his mum needed money to take him to be examined by a nerve specialist.

Fran said: "It's been so tough for him. Now he's 16 I can get help for him. That help needs to be soon or I will lose him.”

In the hope to raise enough cash the mum planned to sell a pair of earrings and a Patek Philippe watch she inherited from her uncle which he won in a game of poker.

She expected the earrings to fetch £2,000 and £15,000 for the watch, but didn’t have much faith in pawnbrokers.

Fran admitted “I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them."

The pawnbroker she chooses, Dan, spoke to a watch expert called Josh to ensure the Patek Philippe is genuine, both experts are aware there are around 40 million fakes made each year.

Fortunately the poker game was not a waste of time – it’s the real deal, not only that the model was a rare one with only a few thousand were manufactured worth a whopping £85,000.

On top of the watch Fran’s earrings were encrusted with diamonds which are in high demand worth £75,000.

Making the grand total of £155,000!

A gobsmacked Fran told Dan: "No way. It just hasn’t gone in. Brilliant, I’m over the moon. I actually feel quite sick.

"He's sitting there all white teeth smiling and I'm thinking, 'What’s he up to?' I felt like I was going to pass out and cry. I just can’t believe it. It doesn’t happen to me."

Dan told the camera: "One of the best aspects of being a PB is telling someone their item is worth so much more than they thought it was.

"The look on their face is priceless I still make money out of it but, it's priceless."

"Is £155,000 a good deal for me? It's a nice deal. I'm glad to get it over the line for Fran’s sake. I've made a decent profit as well."

Fran said she was going to celebrate by having four beers and a kebab at the weekend – which we think she can afford!

Million Pound Pawn is on ITV, Tuesdays at 9pm and available on the ITV Hub.