Love Island reveals disabled contestant

hugo hammond
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The producers of Love Island 2021 have announced this year’s season will include the first islander with a disability.

Among those going in the villa is 24-year-old Hugo Hammond from Hampshire.

The secondary school PE teacher was born with a club foot, although his condition has not stopped him excelling at sport, one of his achievements includes playing cricket for national physical disability team, England PD.

Talking about his love life Hugo explained: ‘I’ve been single for a while now. With the current climate, it’s been really hard to get back into dating. I saw it as an opportunity to have an amazing fun summer and put myself back out there.’

He added: ‘I’ve actually played cricket for England PD (Physical Disability).

‘I’ve been to Bangladesh, Dubai, I’ve been everywhere to play cricket. I was born with clubfoot.

‘I had lots of operations when I was a kid. You can only really tell when I walk barefoot. I’ve got a really short Achilles heel. I walk slightly on my tip toes.’

Despite being chosen for the popular reality TV show Hugo is going to miss his time with the kids at school.

‘Absolutely love my job. I love all my sports,’ he revealed in today’s press release.

‘It’s great to be able to pass on that enthusiasm to be physically active to the younger generation and hopefully they feel the same about me teaching them.’

Love Island 2021 starts on ITV2 on June 28 at 9pm.