Louis Theroux: Mothers on the Edge

louis theroux on a mat with babies
louis theroux on a mat with babies Image credit:

Louis Theroux makes a welcome return to our screens in a new film which highlights the emotional affects which pregnant women and new mothers can face.

The presenter visits two psychiatric units which specialise in treating mums with mental health so they can still have contact with their new-born child.

Theroux speaks to women going through anxiety psychosis and depression as they try to cope with motherhood as well as their families.

Louis said: “Postpartum mental illness, like many aspects of mental health, is all too common and not acknowledged enough. We as a society do so much to celebrate new motherhood and to romanticise the relationship between new mothers and their babies, for understandable reasons. But the sad fact is, for many mums, their experience of having a baby is traumatic and they don’t experience Hallmark Card feelings of love.

“The women we featured in this film took a huge leap of faith in opening up and speaking to me. They bared a great deal of their souls and risked the judgement of less understanding elements of society. Their bravery and candour is awe inspiring, and it was a privilege to be invited into their families during a most vulnerable period in their lives. I hope this film will go some way to helping normalise postpartum mental illness and stimulate a discussion on how we can best care for mothers at the time they need it the most.”

We also see Theroux undercover the complexities and challenges parents face in what should be the happiest times of their lives.

Head of Commissioning Documentaries for the BBC, Clare Sillery, said: “This thought-provoking documentary is sure to open up a conversation about one of the most challenging periods of any parent’s life and puts a spotlight on an issue that remains largely unspoken about in today’s society.”

Louis Theroux: Mothers on the Edge is on BBC Two, Sunday 12th May at 9pm and available afterwards on BBC iPlayer.