Lost Voice Boy’s BBC series is renewed

Lost Voice Guy on Britain's Got Talent
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The winner of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent has had their Radio 4 sitcom renewed for a second series.

Thousands of viewers saw Lee Ridley, better known as Lost Voice Guy, sweep first place in the popular ITV talent show last weekend by 21% of the votes.

Lee – who has cerebral palsy – communicates through an iPad and won the BBC New Comedy Award in 2014. Now, after Sunday’s victory, he’s set to become a household name.

Ability is a semi-autobiography co-written by Ridley about a character called Matt who can only speak by using an app or a tablet. In the first series Matt moved in with his best buddy Jess where he met a TV salesman called Bob who was also a weed dealer.

Speaking/Typing about his renewed series Ridley told Radio Times: “I’m delighted to get the opportunity to write another series of Ability. I really enjoyed writing the first series, and it was a joy to have Katherine Jakeways as a writing partner. The process of writing and recording the show was fun from start to finish. I’m glad we’ll be hearing more from Matt, Bob and Jess!”

The 37-year-old from Newcastle lost his voice seven years ago, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a rising comedian.

After watching Ross Noble doing an impression of Stephen Hawking on stage Lee met the comedian backstage and asked: “Do you want to see who can do the best Stephen Hawking impersonation?”

Noble burst into laughter and added the conversation into his stand-up routine.

Lee went on to perform at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in 2013. At the time he was the online content manager for Sunderland city council but after winning the BBC award a year later he packed his job in and became a full-time comedian.

In a recent interview Lee told The Sun Online: "I think one of the [hardest] things about my disability when I was younger was socialising.

"I didn't really have friends as a child because obviously I found it hard to communicate so I felt very isolated at times.

"Thankfully getting a communication device when I was eight changed all that and gave me much more self-confidence."

The comedian added he will use his £250K BGT prize to buy a Geordie accent for his iPad "Because I'm sick of sounding like a posh version of Robocop."

For more information visit Lost Voice Guy’s website.