Katie Price shares mental health trauma

Katie Price
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Katie Price has said she is struggling with mental health as a direct result of her split with Peter Andre.

The former model and TV personality makes the statement in the forthcoming Channel 4 documentary Katie Price: Trauma and Me.

Price and Andre met on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2004 where viewers witnessed their frivolous relationship playing out in front of the camera.

The couple went on to marry in 2005, but three years later they filed for divorce.

In the programme Price’s stepdad Paul says the split was one of the reasons Katie started to struggle with her wellbeing.

‘I think her downfall has to start from the divorce with Pete,’ Paul explains.

‘From that moment, all she got was backlash, backlash, backlash and I find it quite hurtful. I’m not saying she’s an angel, but I think she deserves better.

‘I can understand why she’s got [poor] mental health. It’s hard.’

But Price, who was diagnosed with PTSD in 2021, says she has no regrets marrying Andre.

‘I was just fixated on Pete. People saw our relationship develop,’ she said in a past interview. 

‘Having Pete there in the jungle did make it easier because you’d fall asleep thinking of him and wake up seeing him there.

‘If you haven’t clicked with someone in there, I think it’s quite hard and lonely.

‘It was a proper love story and I think me and Pete are the only ones who had kids come out of it.’ 

Price thanks Andre for giving her ‘a family’ after Junior was born a year later and Princess in 2007.

But the mum-of-five later goes on to explain how not being able to see her two youngest children, Jett (9) and Bunny (8) - who live with ex-husband Kieran Hayler - has had a significant impact on her mental health.

Price says in the programme: ‘The hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in the recent months is having limited access to some of my kids.

‘Recent events have meant I’m seeing my youngest children less and the relationship between me and their father has broken down.

‘It’s not good for my mental health and it’s certainly not good for their mental health.’

She adds: ‘They should be having their mum in their life. At the moment I’m stuck in this rut with Jett and Bunny and it is frustrating for me.

‘You know, seven months, how has it even got to this? It’s heart-breaking and I just wish it wasn’t like this. All I can do is hope that this won’t be forever.’

Katie Price: Trauma and Me airs Thursday, September 8 at 9pm on Channel 4 available afterwards on All 4.