Kamara grateful to commentate on The Games

Chris Kamara
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Chris Kamara offered to pull out of ITV’s The Games after he was diagnosed with apraxia but the football pundit has revealed the channel was still happy for him to take part.

Kamara announced his health condition in March via his Twitter account saying it had affected his speech and he had been "working to get [his] speech back to normal".

The commentator is confirmed for ITV’s new sport show which will see twelve celebrities competing in a series of athletic events.

In an interview with Kamara said: "I'd just like to say thanks to ITV and to everyone who has been so supportive. They've been incredible, really. I had under-active thyroid, and now I've got apraxia of speech. Thankfully, I'm on the mend.

"I did offer to quit, which would have been good news, but ITV wouldn't have it any way shape or form. [They said:] 'You're staying, you're part of the team.' And I'd like to thank them for that."

He added sports presenter Simon Brotherton would be accompanying him throughout the wee long series.

"Simon and I know each other from a long time [back]. We did 5 Live back in 1998 together when I first started broadcasting, so I know Simon and I know how brilliant he is. But I'm on the mend, which is the great thing,” Kamara said.

"So many people came forward when I actually came out with the news that I was struggling and they said 'Look, you can get better.' I've had professors, people getting involved with me, and I'm on the mend. Hopefully in two weeks’ time, I'll be even better and back to my old self."

The Games starts Monday 9 May at 9pm on ITV and available afterwards on the ITV Hub.