Jameela Jamil discusses anxiety

Jameela Jamil
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Jameela Jamil has revealed she has been “terrified of food” and “unable to have sex with the light on” for the past two decades.

The TV actor has written an article for British Vogue about her battle with anxiety for their September issue.

She tells readers: “I can’t just stare at my thighs and shower them with love and praise.

“As a result, I am the happiest, sanest, most successful and well-sexed version of myself that I have ever known.”

Jamil says she spends “minimal” time looking in the mirror and doesn’t go anywhere near the scales because she is concerned of the way her body looks.

Which, if you think about it, is quite ironic seeing as she was writing for the world famous fashion magazine!

Jamil added: “But I believe in the power of Vogue.

“I believe in its power to kick the door open and extend an invitation to the previously forgotten to be included in fashion’s idea of ‘the fantasy’.”

The September issue of British Vogue, on sale now, is edited by the Duchess of Sussex.