ITV to provide support for islanders

former love island contestants
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ITV are spreading the love this summer ensuring contestants on their popular reality TV show are offered professional support to protect their mental health.

The channel has announced those taking part in Love Island 2021 will have psychological help from a registered mental health professional before filming starts though to after they leave the island.

Ahead of the series every contestant will be assessed by a psychological consultant, an independent doctor and their own GP as well as speaking to family and close friends to ensure their wellbeing is fully protected.

During filming the islanders will have access to a welfare team and attend at least eight therapy sessions when they arrive home.

The broadcaster will then make regular checks on the contestants over a 14 month period after the series ends.

Following the deaths of former islanders Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis, who took their own lives after leaving the show, ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri told “Obviously this has been a huge conversation over the past year, so a duty of care to all our primary contributors across all these shows is always a primary concern.

“We’ve got extensive measures in place to support the islanders before they go in to make sure that they are robust enough to take part in a big, high profile dating show, and then we look after during, and then there’s a lot of aftercare as well. All these processes are bespoke to each series depending on the level of social media or media attention.

“Basically, we’ve enhanced our psychological support following the programmes going on air and we have sort of bespoke training on all of them. We’re very aware of our responsibilities on that and we’ve got a robust package for duty of care across all our businesses.”

Support given to the islanders will include financial management training, advice finding agents and management, training on the impacts of social media and handling potential negativity.

Love Island 2021 starts on ITV2 later this month.