ITV doc follows Extraordinary Twins

Chelsea and Nick Torres holding their daughters  Callie and Carter
Chelsea and Nick Torres holding their daughters Callie and Carter Image credit:

A new two-part ITV documentary series follows the story of conjoined twins and the unbearable decision their parents have to make.

Chelsea and Nick Torres from Idaho have an incredible difficult choice they must face, do they leave their children Callie and Carter joined from the chest down or risk intense surgery which could see one or both of the girls losing their life?

In Extraordinary Twins, narrated by Sheridan Smith, we see the parents speak to families who have been through similar heart-breaking experiences asking how they made their impossible decision.

They also talk to conjoined twins and those who have been separated to find out how they lead their lives.

We also follow cameras into London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital where a specialised team are planning to operate on Turkish born twins, Yigit and Derman, who are joined at the head.

The show’s Executive Producer Dan Chambers told “Extraordinary Twins is an emotional journey as two parents weigh up the most difficult decision of their lives, but it’s also an uplifting one as we meet twins and their families who share the same story with different outcomes. And the series is an eye-opening testament to the brilliant surgeons, without whose skill and incredible commitment, these journeys and stories would be impossible.”

Extraordinary Twins is on ITV Wednesday June 30 and Thursday July 1 at 9pm and available afterwards on the ITV Hub.