James Sutton's health battle

James Sutton
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Actor James Sutton has shared his battle with mental health on Instagram saying he has been finding it hard to cope recently going through "a loop of anxiety, stress, and depression".

In a video Sutton, who plays John Paul McQueen in Channel 4’s soap Hollyoaks, said his wellbeing has been “on the fucking carpet” for the past few months.

"I have been waking up and feeling anxious all day long," James explained. "Feeling, like, a sense of impending doom, like all of sudden everything's going to go to shit and my whole life's gonna fall apart. I realised that a lot of that is down to how I'm starting my day."

Sutton has found medicating on a daily basis and regular exercise has put him in a better state of mind.

"If you are really struggling, then speak to someone," he shared with his followers. "Speak to a family member or a friend or just speak – talking is always the best thing... Be kind to each other.

After posting the video James received messages of support from his Holyoaks co-stars including Annie Wallace, Chris Charles and Billy Price.

Wallace wrote: "Take care James… sending good vibes."

Charles posted the words: "Love this bro You got this, Always."and Price replied "Proud of u my boyyy.”

World Mental Health Day is today, Sunday October 10. For more information visit the website.