Grayson Perry praises disabled artist

Becky Tyler in front of a poster advertising Grayson Perry Art Club
Becky Tyler in front of a poster advertising Grayson Perry Art Club Image credit:

A student with quadriplegic cerebral palsy has been praised by Grayson Perry after making a couple of appearances on the artist’s TV show.

Becky Tyler has found inspiring ways to create artwork by using tracking technology which she demonstrated on Perry’s series last year.

The 19-year-old was invited back on the show in December when Grayson tried the method out for himself.

Tyler, who is studying computing at the University of Dundee, was chosen for the series’ exhibition at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

After her TV appearances and public displays she hopes it will change peoples “preconceived ideas about disability."

She told the Daily Record: She said: “I painted a portrait of Grayson (pictured below) to show him how I do my eye-gaze painting.

"This portrait not only features in the exhibition, but has also been used in the marketing and advertising for it."

Becky Tyler's painting of Grayson Perry

Tyler uses an advanced eye-tracking technology system to create her artistic masterpieces.

She is unable to talk or walk unaided due to complications at birth, but her disability has motivated her to express herself through the amazing art she creates which were recognised by producers of ‘Grayson’s Art Club’ who asked her if she would like to be featured on the show.

Becky said: “I was very excited. The producer organised for me to have a Zoom meeting with Grayson, where I showed him some of my paintings.

"He loved them. There was some amazing feedback and Grayson and the film company said I was the star of the show.

"He had a go with my eye-gaze technology, it was quite funny. I painted a portrait of Grayson to show him how I do my eye-gaze painting."

Grayson's Art Club: An Exhibition for Britain is available to watch on All 4.