Gogglebox Shaun talks Mental Health

 Shaun Malone with his dog
Shaun Malone with his dog Image credit:

Gogglebox star Shaun Malone has stopped watching telly for a few minutes to share mental health struggles with his Instagram followers.

On Instagram Stories Malone said: "I've realised that all the time I'm saying about men and their mental health and we should be open...

"But I've realised that I've been quite hypocritical, because I've struggled with my mental health on and off over the last 10 years and I've never been open about it.”

Shaun, who became a dad for the first time last year, knows only too well the stigma attached to mental illness.

"I've always felt too embarrassed to talk about it, and yesterday I got a dig made at my mental health by somebody I know, so I just thought... I'll just come out and own it," he said in the video.

Malone added: "Coincidentally, it's my first appointment back at getting some help today, so yeah... What I'm saying is like, fellas, we're all in this together. Loads of us struggle so, it is what it is. We're all here."

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