Gemma Collins fronts self-harm documentary

Gemma Collins
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Gemma Collins has spoken about her struggles with mental health and self-harm for a Channel 4 documentary.

We are now used to watching the 41-year-old on our screens with her bubbly personality and presenting under her ‘GC’ persona, but in this new film Collins takes a more serious role as she confronts mental illness.

In “Gemma Collins: Self-Harm and Me” we see the reality TV star discussing personal mental health battles with her therapist and fiancé, Rami.

Collins visits a self-harm support group in Essex where she hears other people’s stories and speaks to the CEO of Harmless charity, Caroline Harrow, whose organisation provides support to people wanting to self-harm.

In the documentary, Collins says that "The public don't know Gemma — they know 'The GC'. Everyone sees me as this strong character. I'm actually a very soft, sensitive person — very few people get to see that side of me."

She adds: "I first self-harmed when I was at school. It was just something I did in private for 20 years. I haven't cut myself since my early 30s . . . After my 30s, I think I went onto a different sort of harm with bad partners, bad relationships with food — it's all different types of self-harm."

Collins started cutting her arms from the age of 13 as a way to release her emotions, fortunately she hasn’t harmed herself for over a decade.

Knowing therapy is now available she says: “I wish I’d been able to get that help back then.

“I could have saved myself a lot of pain.”

Gemma Collins: Self-Harm & Me is on Channel 4, Wednesday February 16 at 9pm and available afterwards on All 4.