Flintoff fronts bulimia documentary

Freddie Flintoff
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Sporting hero Freddie Flintoff fronts a one-off documentary next week where he openly discusses an eating disorder he has been living with for eight years.

The former England cricketer captain was diagnosed with bulimia in 2012, but as he admits in the film he has yet to seek professional advice.

'I probably should get help – I know it's a problem and I know it needs addressing,' Flintoff says in the programme.

His problems started when he was playing for England when he publicly mocked for his weight.

During the documentary Flintoff speaks to other men with bulimia and a mum of a son who died of a heart attack related to the health condition.

Addressing his own battle the 42-year-old says: 'I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed the results.

'I don't know whether it's just being a bloke, you feel you should be able to stop it.'

Flintoff first went public with his condition during a 2012 documentary which followed him training to be a boxer.

Now a TV presenter on BBC’s Top Gear he feels the reason he hasn’t faced the illness head on is 'because everything else is going so well' now, including his TV career and 'amazing family'.

'I have this new career as a television presenter, which I love; I have an amazing family who support me through everything.'

Flintoff believes making the documentary and interviewing the mother (Pam Nugent) who lost her son Laurence in 2009 has made him 'question how I deal with my eating disorder'.

He added: 'A 24-year-old had a heart attack through bulimia. It's that thing where you think it's never going to happen to you.

'I don't want to be a statistic, I don't want to be something that's read about in years to come, that something's happened to me'.

Freddie Flintoff: Living with Bulimia is on BBC One, Monday at 9pm and available afterwards on BBC IPlayer.