Felicity Baker addresses her stammer

Two photos of Felicity Baker
Two photos of Felicity Baker Image credit:

Felicity Baker’s surname is a problem for her, the BBC journalist does her best hiding a stammer, but when it comes to saying the letter B she usually stumbles.

In a new documentary Baker speaks to people living with a stutter and asks how they overcome a disability which is widely overlooked.

Viewers of I Can’t Say My Name will hear sensitive conversations between Felicity and a stand-up comedian, a former Welsh rugby player as well as a rapper who can spit his words but has problems when it comes to saying them.

Baker also has a candid chat with her colleague Sophie Raworth and comedian Michael Palin, whose father had a severe stammer but never spoke about it.

It’s the first time Felicity has addressed her condition publically in front of the camera and she finds she is not alone trying to hide a stammer from others.

I Can't Say My Name: Stammering in the Spotlight is on BBC One, Wednesday March 10 at 7.30pm and available afterwards on BBC iPlayer.