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extreme ocd camp
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In tonight’s (30 July) BBC3 documentary we follow a group of young adults embarking on a camping trip with a twist. All the youngsters cope with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition many people find difficult to understand and therefore those with the illness can feel isolated and afraid to share their disability with others.

The back-packers must attempt to overcome their fears, although such a wild environment presents extreme challenges. Take 22-year-old Jack who lives with a fear of germs, in day-to-day life he can’t drink from a cup which hasn’t been sterilised, although there’s no option when he spends a few days camping in the woods. 

‘Extreme OCD Camp’ is based on an OCD camp for teenagers in America. Going under the title Camp DCO the organisation welcomes children and teenagers living with OCD to bond allowing them to share their experiences with each other. 

Camp DCO’s itinerary is similar to the usual activities you’d expect to find on a camping excursion for any other teenager. During their weekend stay guests will be encouraged to participate on outbound courses which include climbing mountains, treks involving cables, poles and walls, treasure hunts and sleeping outside under tarps or in tents. 

It goes without saying the abnormal lifestyle away from a roof over their heads will push the campers at times, although specialised staff members are on-hand 24 hours a day to help overcome any barriers they may face relating to their OCD. 

For more information on Camp DCO and how you can apply for a weekend visit their official website. 

Extreme OCD Camp is on BBC3 tonight, 30 July at 9pm and continues next Tuesday 6 August.