CBeebies welcomes first presenter with Down’s syndrome

George Webster
George Webster Image credit:

CBeebies have signed up their first presenter with Downs syndrome who will link between shows on the BBC channel dedicated to young children.

Actor, dancer and Mencap representative George Webster was first seen on our screens in a BBC Bitesize video, producers were so impressed they signed him up for the new job.

Speaking about his new role in front of the camera Webster, 20, said: "Today's reaction has been amazing and I am so happy to have so much support. I am over the moon and overjoyed. It's brilliant. All the positive feedback has been overwhelming."

George received a warm welcome to CBeebies from mums on social media who are pleased that their children will be introduced to a person with Down’s Syndrome on their favourite TV channel.

One mother, Amanda, tweeted:  “That is wonderful. George. What a presenter, full of energy! My sister - currently aged 40 and with Downs - would have loved this as a child. My boys - in their teens - would have loved this. The entire CBeebies audience will be happier because of George.”

Another mum, Susan Corcoran wrote: “My friend's three year old granddaughter was with Downs. They worry about her future, how others will treat her outside of their family and friendship group. This gives me faith that her life won't be as hard as that of previous generations”

George Webster will start his role on CBeebies “very soon”.