CBeebies presenter calls for more disabled people on TV

George webster with Hacker T Dog
George webster with Hacker T Dog Image credit:

CBeebie’s first kid’s presenter with Downs syndrome says he would like to see more TV jobs more people with learning disabilities.

George Webster hit our screens in September on the popular television channel dedicated to young children.

The 21 year-old said it is “so important” for disabled people to be represented in the media so others would “better understand  . . . and be less scared to approach someone and talk to them”.

He added: “Then they could get to know them better. This would also mean people treat us better — it could improve things massively.”

George has recently become an ambassador for Mencap which is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

The charity has revealed two-thirds of people living in Britain are not sure what a learning disability is and 40 per cent of adults feel uneasy speaking to someone who has the condition.

George said:  “I want everyone to treat people with a learning disability fairly and not judge. Talk to us before assuming anything.

“I’ve been over the moon with the positive feedback since I joined CBeebies.

"I think it will help people understand more. They can learn more about me and see we’re not that different.”

The first programme on CBeebies was The Teletubbies on 11 February 2002.