Capita receive backlash over TV documentary

Alan from Capita
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A firm carrying out PIP assessments is under fire after a Channel 4 documentary raised alarming concerns over how claimants are being treatment.

Hidden cameras set up by the Dispatches programme showed a Capita senior staff member telling the undercover reporter he must try to do “as many assessments a day as you can possibly manage”.

Later on in the show a disability assessor revealed he was earning £20,000 a month and in some cases he would complete the assessment form before he even met the claimant. The worker, known as Alan, went on to discriminate a disabled person behind their back to the hidden camera saying her “disability known as being fat” and “She asks for help to wipe her arse because she’s too fucking fat to do it herself.”

Following the programme Mencap condemned Capita’s “derogatory and offensive attitudes”. The charities head of policy, Dan Scorer added: “We already know that disability benefit assessments are flawed, with wrong decisions made every day causing thousands of people to suffer emotionally and financially,”

The PIP assessments replace the Disability Living Allowance, successful claimants receive between £33 and £140 a week.

Before a disabled person attends an appointment they are forced to complete a 35-page questionnaire, although as the Channel 4 programme revealed, those with mental health conditions are being overlooked.

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith wrote to Stephen Crabb (Iain Duncan Smith’s successor) this week highlighting his concern over Capita and the controversial methods the firm has carrying out PIP assessments.

Capita has agreed to answer questions from ABLE2UK readers, please tweet your queries to @able2uk with the hashtag #askcapita and we will put as many as we can forward to the team in a few weeks time.