Brooker presents new Hobby series

Alex brooker using binoculars
Alex brooker using binoculars Image credit:

Comedian Alex Brooker will host a new four-part mini series which follows celebrities trying their hand at different pastimes.

Over the next four weeks Hobby Man will feature famous faces having a crack at anything from fly-fishing to photography.

Brooker, who was born with hand and arm deformities as well asd a twisted leg, said: "I don't have many hobbies.

"And most of the things that I do like — football, the Ghostbusters films — expanded my horizons from the age of 10. But I'm now 38, I should get some new ones!"

In the first episode, shown this Friday August 19, Brooker meets Scarlett Moffant in Edinburgh where the two play a game of chess, go bird-watching and brew their own beer which they name “Mr Hoppy”.

"I wanted to make a beer that tasted a bit like a 'Turbo Shandy', which is a mixture of beer and a Smirnoff Ice alco-pop," Brooker says.

"Mr Hoppy is a lemony beer that’s lovely and refreshing," he reveals. "I had one during the heatwave, and it was absolutely bang on!"

Later on in the series Brooker meets comedian Joe Wilkinson for a spot of fly-fishing in South Wales and Joe Thomas where the pair compete in a dog agility show and take a tour through Wiltshire, Berkshire and London.

The final programme of the series sees Brooker heading off to York, Leeds and the North Yorkshire Moors where he takes to the skies gliding with Andi Oliver.

Hobby Man is on Channel 4, Fridays at 8pm and available afterwards on All 4.