Ben Miller sought professional help for OCD

Ben Miller as professor t
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Ben Miller has described his OCD as “unmanageable” at times when he was growing up in a new interview with Radio Times.

The actor plays Jasper Tempest in ITV crime drama Professor T who also lives with the mental health condition.

“I did struggle a lot with OCD, particularly in my twenties, and I'm very lucky in that it's all very manageable now," Miller said.

"But there were times where it was unmanageable, as it is for Professor T, so I know how that feels and I know how I dealt with it.

"I've found these sequences - where in the Professor's imagination he doesn't have OCD and he's free of all those behaviours - are a great way to show what's going on inside.

"Seeing somebody lining up items on a desk looks pretty innocuous but inside, that person can be a lot more complicated."

The British actor revealed he was obsessed with numbers and that touching objects helped control his anxiety levels.

When his condition started to spiral out of control he sought professional advice.

"I was very OCD about doorways and doors. For me, it was a way of mitigating and controlling my anxieties. I thought if I touched an object a certain number of times, then bad things won't happen. Of course it doesn't work - I constantly had to amplify my behaviours to try and reduce my anxiety.

"There comes a point where the OCD behaviours themselves make the anxiety worse and you enter into a positive feedback loop; it gets out of control. There were crisis points when I decided to seek professional help."

Professor T is on ITV Sundays at 9pm and available afterwards on ITV Hub.