BBC Three 'Defying The Label' Season - Your Complete Guide

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Over the next four weeks BBC Three will be dedicating its prime time schedule to a series of special programmes about disability.

The ‘Defying the Label’ season incorporates show which include bullying, hate crime, role models, hidden disabilities and sex which will be televised over 15 separate programmes.

Here’s the full TV guide and when to catch the programmes on BBC Three, if a specific time isn’t published we will do our best to update this page as soon as we have the details...

scene from don't take my baby

TITLE: Don’t Take My Baby 

WHEN: On BBC iPlayer

SYNOPSIS: Drama based on a true story about a disabled couple fighting to keep their new-born disabled baby after the authorities want to take the child into care.

scene from me & my brian

TITLE: Me & My New Brain 

WHEN: Tuesday, 21 July @ 9pm 

SYNOPSIS: Four years ago Charlie Elmore suffered a brain injury on a snowboarding holiday. She returns to the resort and meets other youngsters who are recovering from similar serious accidents.

scene from the ugly face of disability hate crime

TITLE: The Ugly Face of Disability Hate Crime 

WHEN: Thursday, 23 July @ 9pm 

SYNOPSIS: Adam Pearson has neurofibromatosis type 1, in his case this means benign tumours grow on his nerve endings. Adam interviews a number of people hoping to uncover the roots of disability hate crime.

scene from wanted: a very personal assisant

TITLE: Wanted: A Very Personal Assistant

WHEN: Part 1:Friday, 24 July @ 9pm // Part 2: Friday, 31 July @ 9pm // Part 3: 7 August @ 9pm-TBC

SYNOPSIS: A group of youngsters apply for a PA job. The twist is they are unaware they are applying to be carer for their disabled boss. Their new roles include helping their potential new manager with dressing, toileting, washing and showering.


scene from the boy who wants his leg cut off

TITLE: The Boy Who Wants His Leg Cut Off

WHEN: Monday, 27 July @ 9pm

SYNOPSIS: Eleven year-old Dillon Chapman wants his left leg removed as soon as possible. The limb is riddled with over 200 tumours caused by neurofibromatosis type 1. The child has to fight against the doctors who believe he should have the operation when he’s older.

scene from the worst place to be disabled?

TITLE: The World’s Worst Place To Be Disabled?

WHEN: Tuesday, 28 July @ 9pm

SYNOPSIS: We follow disabled journalist Sophie Morgan from London to Ghana where people with disabilities are forced to leave their homes and chained up in prayer camps because they are believed to be cursed. 

scene from the unbreakables: life & love on disability campus

TITLE: The Unbreakables: Life & Love On Disability Campus

WHEN: Part 1: Thursday, 30 July @ 9pm // Parts 2 and 3: TBA

SYNOPSIS: The programme follows three students at Gloucestershire’s National Star College where every pupil on campus has a disability.

TITLE: Disabled In An Instant

WHEN: Monday, 3 August @ 9pm - TBC

SYNOPSIS: Corrie star and wheelchair sportsman Peter Mitchell speaks to young adults whose lives have changed over a short period of time. Billy, 19, broke his leg in a bike accident. Helen was paralysed by a rare autoimmune condition and Jacob, 23 survived meningitis.

TITLE: Life Begins Now

WHEN: Tuesday, 4 August @ 9pm - TBC

SYNOPSIS: BBC cameras take us inside Shropshire’s’ Derwen College where we meet six students living with learning disabilities. Jon, Aled and Aled all have Down’s syndrome – they are about to finish their courses, but how will they cope when they leave move on?

TITLE: Epilepsy & Me

WHEN: Monday, 10 August @ 9pm - TBC

SYNOPSIS: We follow four people who need to be watched 24 hours a day in case they have a seizure. Jake, 21 wants to take his girlfriend on a date – but he needs his social worker to come along too. Thomas, 14 has recently been diagnosed with the condition and Olivia, 21 wants to prove to other people she can drive.

TITLE: Find A Home For My Bother

WHEN: Tuesday, 11 August @ 9pm – TBC

SYNOPSIS: Twenty Five-year-old presenter Amal Fashanu documents the battle she had trying to support her younger half-brother Amir after they were kicked out of their family home.

TITLE: The Totally Senseless Game Show


SYNOPSIS: This tongue-in-cheek game show tackles taboos and incorporates a comedy drama backstage. Celebrities taking part include Rick Edwards, Amelle Berrabah and Greg Rutherford.