BBC announce Ralph & Katie air date

Ralph and Katie getting married
Ralph and Katie getting married Image credit:

BBC One has confirmed the first episode of The A Word spin-off Ralph & Katie will air next month with a double bill.

The drama catches up with newlyweds Ralph and Katie after they tied the knot in The A Word’s third season.

Actors Leon Harrop and Sarah Gordy, who both have Downs Syndrome, will be returning in their roles as the happy couple. Although as we will see, married life comes with its challenges.

The BBC previously said Ralph & Katie will cover: "issues faced by all newlyweds, but with an added ingredient in the mix being that the couple have Down’s syndrome".

Peter Bowker, creator of The A Word, is back with a fresh team of inspiring up-and-coming disabled writers. He promises "a series of scripts that are full of joy, humour and authenticity".

The drama is directed by BAFTA-winner Jordan Hugg, who has cerebral palsy, and will also be helming the series.

In the first episode eruption occurs when Katie invites her recently dumped friend Emma round to stay, but her arrival doesn’t go down too well with Ralph. 

Noticing tension between the two, the couple’s PA, Danny, tries to smooth things over.

The second episode sees Ralph finding a Valentine’s card addressed to Katie written in unfamiliar handwriting. 

Meanwhile Emma tries to overcome her recent heartbreak by holding a Valentines party to raise money for the local choir.

Ralph & Katie starts on BBC One, Wednesday 5 October, at 9pm available afterwards on BBC iPlayer.