Amputee asked to join Love Island

Milly Pickles
Milly Pickles Image credit:

A disabled social media influencer has revealed she was been asked to join this years’ cast of ITV’s Love Island.

Milly Pickles, an amputee on TikTok, made the announcement last week which implies the popular reality show is looking for a more diverse line-up to check in to the cabins this summer.

In a video she posted online Pickles said: ‘Just thinking – I was asked to go on Love Island this year and I said no but, would I have been the first disabled Love Islander?’

‘And does this mean that they’re being more inclusive? Because if so, fabulous. I cannot wait to watch.’

Milly, who lost her right leg in 2017 after being electrocuted in a serious accident, added: ‘They contacted me and I had calls with various people but I pulled out because I realised, “Why am I doing this? It doesn’t align with who I am.

‘That’s not the point I’m making though. I’m saying that, because they got in contact with me and I’m disabled, does that mean that they’re going to bring other disabled people in? Because hopefully.’

Love Island returns to ITV2 later this month.