Alex Brooker: My Perfect Body

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Fans of The Last Leg will be thrilled to hear they have a double-helping of the show’s co-presenter Alex Brooker when the comedy series returns to our screens tomorrow (31 July) evening. 

Straight after Brooker joins Adam Hills and Josh Widdicombe as they tear apart topical news stories as well as Alex himself taking up the challenge to compete in Rio Paralympics 2016 the comedian presents his one-off documentary which concentrates on body image. 

For some, a guy who was born with a deformed hand and arm as well as having to wear a prosthetic leg after his right one was amputated when he was a baby, introducing a programme on body image may come to quite a shock. But it isn’t his limbs Alex is concerned about, it’s his weight.  

After discovering he is classed as being “obese” Alex decides it’s time for him to lose his excesses body mass and start training. 

During his fitness regime Alex is stunned to discover 70% of men are ashamed at their personal appearances. What was once thought of being an issue predominately for women is now fast becoming an equal concern for men. 

Whilst trying to lose two stone and gain a six-pack Brooker explores the body issue further supported by some interesting insights from his mother as well as sticking to a vigorous diet which is the same as Beyonce’s. 

Alex Brooker: My Perfect Body is on Channel 4, Wednesday 31 July at 10.50pm. 

The Last Leg is on Channel 4, Wednesdays at 10pm.