George Michael's gesture of Goodwill

George Michael is a glutton for punishment when it comes to stirring up bad publicity. Where once the media was promoting his ‘Careless Whispers’ and ‘Fastlove’ over the past few years tabloids have been rejoicing about his ‘Careless driving’ and ‘A Quick Hand Shandy’ in public conveniences.


Lady Gaga apologises for 'Retarded' remark.

She has offended animal rights activists by wearing an outfit made from meat, been 'scrambled' into an egg for an awards ceremony and added weight to rumours she has a few more inches between her legs but Lady Gaga’s most recent stir of controversy comes from an interview she gave to the NME where she used the term ‘Retard’.


Royal relief

It may seem a tad harsh to say, but out of the five nationwide BBC radio stations Radio 3 always seems to have a bum deal. For instance, can you name five regular presenters on the channel? To be perfectly honest, we can't name one!


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