Wet Leg cancel dates for mental health reasons

Wet Leg
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Wet Leg have explained the reason why they had to cancel two dates on their US tour was because of “mental and physical health” concerns.

The pair have been gigging across America performing tracks from their self-titled debut album.

But after returning to the UK for a few days they announced their two dates at Abiquiú, New Mexico and the Westword Music Showcase in Denver, Colorado on September 9 and 10 respectively will no longer go ahead.

On Tuesday, September 13, the band released the following statement on social media: “Hey everyone! just wanted to say sorry for missing you Denver and New Mexico. And no it wasn’t because of covid! truth is that it all got a bit on top of us and we just couldn’t quite manage to get back on that plane.

“It’s been an amazing year playing our music all over the world but our busy touring schedule finally got the better of us this time. I just want you guys to know that it wasn’t an easy decision at all and I’m sorry I didn’t post anything about it sooner. Our mental and physical health are such easy things to overlook when everything is so exciting and so busy, you barely have a moment to check in with yourself.”

The statement went on to confirm remaining dates would go ahead. It said: “Anyway after many big ugly cries and lots of good sleep, we’re back and ready to rumble. That means Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Life is Beautiful fest, New York and Sea Hear Now fest we are coming 4 u.”

If you are struggling with your mental health visit the Mind website.