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Venues are ripping off disabled customers

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Gig goers have been left with a hefty phone bill after being left hanging on the phone trying to book accessible tickets for shows.

Thirty eight venues across the country provide a separate booking line for disabled people, but some the services change up to 62p a minute on mobile phones.

Last month a Peter Kay fan racked up a £36 bill just for booking an accessible ticket at the Metro Radio Arena in Manchester.

Some venues force fans to call a specialised number which charges up to 7p a minute plus an “access” fee which can mount to 55p per minute if they wish to make a disabled booking.

A spokesperson for Fair Telecoms Campaign said: “The numbers are exploitative and discrimination.”

Nic Bungay from Muscular Dystrophy UK added: “We want a level playing field where people do not have to call separate numbers.”

Venues providing the expensive lines include Liverpool’s Echo Arena, Birmingham Hippodrome and Leeds First Direct Arena.

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