Tom Parker says his tumour has shrunk

Tom Parker
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Pop singer Tom Parker has shared promising news after being diagnosed with a brain tumour last year.

The member of boyband The Wanted wrote on his Instagram page: “SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION – These are the words I received today and I can’t stop saying them over and over again”.

“I had an MRI scan on Tuesday and my results today were a significant reduction to the tumour and I am responding well to treatment.”

He continued: ‘Everyday I’m keeping on the fight to shrink this bastard!

‘I can’t thank our wonderful NHS enough. You’re all having a tough time out there but we appreciate the work you are all doing on the front line.’

Tom went on to thank his ‘amazing wife’ Kelsey Hardwich and said he was fighting the illness for his two young children.

He ended his post thanking all the support he has received from his fans by saying: ‘To everyone on here — your love, light and positivity have inspired me. Every message has not been unnoticed they have given me so much strength’ calling the journey a ‘rollercoaster.’

Tom Parker revealed his diagnosis of stage four glioblastoma in October 2019.